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Additional Stories
When I set out to write One Night of Madness, I spent much time interviewing eyewitnesses to the true
story’s events. For many, many hours, I listened in fascination as citizens told their amazing stories. My first
draft of the book contained nearly all of them and as a result, was around 750 pages long. I was warned by
publishing professionals that this was unreasonably long.

In two major rewrites, I chopped my work down to its present size. Many great stories were axed,

stories that, though adding color to the tale, added no meat to the plot.

Every few months, I am publishing these stories in my birth town's newspaper, the Kosciusko, Mississippi

Star-Herald. Then they are being put in this website. Of course, having read One Night of Madness will add to
your understanding of these stories. Enjoy!

~ Stokes McMillan